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        OVEREXCITED to presents you my barefoot retro presets collection and more than thankful that Julia & Gil asked me to create them for the BELOVEDSTORIES COMMUNITY.
        Do you love warm and well balanced retro tones? Then you’ll love my BAREFOOT RETRO PRESET COLLECTION! Your pictures will get a strong, earthy and moody look. Furthermore you can use them for your love shots of any condition. Whether you shot indoor, outdoor, in sunny moments or whilst cloudy days – by tweaking the exposure and withe balance you’ll get a great result. The collection counts one black and white preset that I’d recommend using for details, close up’s and pictures with strong contrast. Besides you can find 7 color presets with mostly warm tones. They will all give skin tones an amazing glance and support them very well. That’s why you basically won’t find heavy greens or blues in this set. After your purchase you can directly download the zip file with the presets. Enjoy! & If you have any questions on how to use my presets just watch this video or send me a line in instagram @barefoottalesbykim
        Can’t wait to see your results – show us your edits with #barefootpresets #belovedpresets
        you can purchase them on


        b l a c k & white / no grain – use for close up’s | use for pictures with high contrast | and harsh light
        b l a c k & white / no grain – use for close up’s | use for pictures with high contrast | and harsh light
        F L A T tones special – use to reduce strong greens | to balance skin tones

        N A T U R A L tales / no grain – use to create natural skin tones | colder skin tones than F L A T tones

        R E D darks, Pink x Cold x grain – use for sundown and blue hour | dramatic | different | wow-effect

        R E T R O warm / no grain – perfect for indoor sessions | shoot with window light

        S P E C I A L retro warm x grain – use for details | includes strong grain | also great for blue hour

        S T R O N G tones / no grain – use with back-light | shiny and glowy | caramel | warm

        Y E L L O W I S H / no grain – shiny and glowy | use for great sky tones | healthy & warm skin tones | use with warm floors

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