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        With Vali & Davy I had a long needed day of creative exchange, fun and easy talks. When I photograph couples, I don’t want to capture staged and perfect pictures. I want to feel a connection to the people in front of my lense. I want to know something about their lives and their love and my biggest goal is to make them feel something personal when they see the pictures. I can’t reach that by just taking staged pictures. I have to meet them, I have to take time, I have to open up and also the couples who want me to take their pictures have to open up for me. Otherwise I’m not able to capture honest moments of their relationship. And thanks god I met these two. After some skype sessions and texts and a good first pancake session in the morning we had ana amazing shooting day. They told me about their ideas and we created something together. And I tel you there is nothing more beautiful for me as a photographer as if you really want to create something. For sure I have my tips and tricks and I will lead you and guide you when you want me too. I will always be searching for the best light, I’ll be searching for the best angles and background – but if you also come with ideas and inspiration magic, fun and new things can happen. After hours of shooting, a pancake breakfast and the best homemade bolo(gnese) we had this story. & I’m sure it’ll always stay one of my favorites. The song is also chosen by them – as well as the locations we took the pictures. The outfits were matched by all of us to the fit the locations. 5 sessions/locations in 5 day. There are no limits.


        Bayern, Eibsee intimate homestory - COUPLESESSION

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