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        passionate about photography - but even more passionate about people & their stories. The best picture without a story is worth nothing compared to the worst picture with a story. if you want to book me, we won't create pictures only for instagram - but everlasting memories.

        passionate about honest emotion, genuine love & profound documentaries.

        hi guys! I’m Kim, I’m a 1994 girl from Germany. I embrace life and human connection. I am here for you to create something meaningful. Something that will be passed on over generations. An instant moment that shows who you truly are. The way you’re touching each other or looking into each others eyes.

        I love to travel. Spending time with my family and friends, the outdoors and all kinds of animals make me feel alive. I love to live a simple life and I would always prefer a walk with my family and friends over all the fancy things that I could do in the worlds metropolis. My future dream would be to have a farm, grow my own food, have some animals and probably grow, roast and brew my own coffee.

        That was my turn – now it’s your turn to tell me something about you. Because I don’t want you to end up with just some pictures, I want to know what moves you, to tell your individual story.

        find out more about  my approach and person. – or make it easy and say hi

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