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        I want us all to become the best versions of ourselves. I want us to empower each other and to support each other.

        & I strongly believe in the fact that we all can achieve what our idols already have. We have to believe in ourselves, to work hard and help each other out. I’m not yet perfect or the most successful photographer on this planet. I’m just about to start my business full-time. But I’m doing it for 4 years now as a freelancer. Besides starting out as a photographer I studied marketing and media, I struggled about what I should really do in life and I had more than only one discussion with my family about my life. Since I’ve been blessed to listen to and learn from some of the most amazing photographers I know, today I’m sure where my path should go to. And hell yeah, that’s why I also want to share with you already now all I know about this industry. I want to help you to grow your own business and to get over the struggles we all share. I am an open book and I will tell you anything and everything I know about the wedding photography. Because I believe that great satisfaction only comes from sharing with others.

        One on One Sessions

        These are my all-in one sessions. I tell you everything that I know and cover all the topics that have been important to me in the past few years on my way to becoming a wedding and couple photographer.

        • We will meet in a coffee shop to have a Q and A session with your questions. Coffee and some sweets are included in the price.
        • I will then tell you all I know about the topics you’re interested in – in the benefits below you can find a list.
        • After that we will have a styled couple shoot together. All you’ve already learned during the day can now be taken into action. You will learn how I read lines, how I interact with my couples and how I make them get less tense.
        • In the end we will go and have dinner, we will choose our favorite images and edit them together. Dinner is also included in the price.

        The sessions take place in Karlsruhe, where I am based. If you’re lucky you can also grab me on the road as I am doing a world trip from October 2018 – December 2019.

        • The investment for the sessions is 800 € 

        To book your place e-mail me at

        Your benefits 

        couple session included

        you will get some pictures for your portfolio but more than that

        you can directly practice what you’ve learned

        and you receive my prompt feedback

        there will be an agenda but we don’t stick to it, we’re flexible with the topics and match them to your individual needs

        you can ask me as many questions as you want

        in person

        food and beverage at the places we learn is included

        no secrets – I’m an open book

        you can always contact me for questions when the session is over

        learn about topics such as: branding, marketing, building a website, customer relations and communication, building a portfolio, tools, posing, light, equipment, editing, pricing, personal relations and being self-employed

        1h Skype Mentoring Session

        These sessions are for everyone who’s interested in my work but living to far from my place to book an One on One session. We can talk about everything you want to know. How I shoot, how I choose couples, social media, my workflow, my tools, my equipment, my editing.

        The investment for the sessions is 250 €

        To book your place e-mail me at

        We will find the perfect day together.

        hipster pärchen, retro outfits, retro fotos, retro shooting, paarfotos in einer tankstelle
        1h Skype Editing Session

        Editing is defintely what I would call one of my strongest abilities and I am proud that my preset collections is sold via the belovedstories community. Even if there are explanation videos about my tones, I often get asked about them. About how to work with them properly and about how to take pictures to have the best workflow in the post processing. That’s what I will teach you in this special screen-shared editing session. We will edit some of your raws that you already sent me before the session and also some of mine together. I will show you how I photograph to have the best workflow and how I edit pictures with my presets and I give you advice on your tones. 

        The investment for the sessions is 250 €

        To book your place e-mail me at

        We will find the perfect day together.


        Tell me about your business, your dreams, the problems you have and the things you want to learn. I can't wait to tell you all I know, all I've learned, to share my knowledge and passion with you.

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