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        my heart is my compass!

        Now that you’ve been able to find out some things about me already, it’s time to actually introduce myself.

        I love doing things that make me happy – even if they’re slightly different sometimes: special angles instead of golden cut or blurry pictures packed with emotions instead of pin sharp images without a meaning. No matter what I do, I am a person of the heart. If something doesn't get my heart I am simply not doing it. I am curious and I love taking adventures. That's why I don't hesitate to travel the world for a wedding or even just to spend a magic time at a magic place. My heart is my compass and it's unforgettable moments that I'm after. Those special moments you share with close people are priceless and you will never forget about them. Whether they are loud or piercing and whether they are sad, funny or even unpredictable: That might also just be the reason why I love capturing weddings so much. Wedding days are when all your present emotions come together in just one day.

        IT'S THE COUPLE WHO ...

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